Treating the eyebrows to produce an elevation in their height, a so called brow lift, is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures.

This is because as we age there is a fall in the eyebrows due to the combined effects of gravity and the skins loss of elasticity. The result is a tired, older appearance and your eyes may appear smaller.

Around the eyebrow there are muscles that elevate (lift) the brow and muscles that depress (pull down) the brow. Anti-wrinkle injections can produce a nice subtle brow elevation by relaxing the muscles that pull down the brow allowing for the muscles that lift up the brow to work more effectively.

Often the frown (glabellar) lines will be treated at the same time to give a balanced effect.

As well as treating the brow to correct age related brow droop, there is also increasing use of anti-wrinkle injection techniques to enhance the brow. This may be in the setting of someone wishing to correct low set eyebrows or someone with a preference for a particular eyebrow shape such as an arched brow or a flared brow.

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