At the Geelong Cosmetic & Laser Medical Centre we have a range of medical grade lasers and light source machines. The huge advantage of having a range of equipment allows treatments to be more specific and tailored to meet individual requirements and concerns taking into account individual skin type. Our aim is to achieve maximal results with minimal downtime without surgery.

For hair removal we use the CANDELA Alexandrite laser and the SCITON YAG laser. The Alexandrite is our first choice laser for hair removal and is widely regarded as the gold standard laser for hair removal and is the most popular hair removal laser used in medical laser clinics. The YAG laser is useful for hair removal in certain situations such as when a patient has a very dark skin type.

For treating redness and pigmentation problems we have several choices of lasers such as 532 Diode, Long Pulse YAG, Q switch YAG and the BBL broadband light source.

For tattoo removal we use the leading Q switch laser technology of the REVLITE system from CYNOSURE.

In treating leg vein disorders we use both Doppler and Duplex Ultrasound technology to diagnose and guide treatments such as sclerotherapy, laser and radiofrequency ablation.

For skin rejuvenation apart from laser treatments we also use a number of injection based treatments such as wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and DERMAPEN skin needling technology.

We use a variety of other ancillary equipment such as the advanced Imaging system of CANFIELD, the polarised light illumination system of SYRIS and the HEINE Delta 20 Dermatoscope to visualise suspicious skin lesions.

For Photodynamic Therapy we use the ALLMEDIC Super ContourFlex LED which delivers both red (633nm) and blue (415nm) light from 3,360 light emitting Diodes.

At the Geelong Cosmetic & Laser Medical Centre, before we purchase new equipment we evaluate the track record of the company that manufactures the equipment to help ensure reliability and consistent results. The availability of regular servicing to maintain equipment is essential to ensure equipment operates to desired specifications.

The Geelong Cosmetic & Laser Medical Centre is a medical practice driven by results.  We pride ourselves on providing patients with the latest equipment to help achieve the best results. We are proud of the fact that the largest number of our new patients come to us by way of personal recommendations from satisfied patients.

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